The Pandora Plague

The Pandora Plague

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London, 1902

The theft of an unusual pocket-watch brings famed magician, Harry Houdini, together with the world's foremost consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. When it leads to the appearance of a mysterious locked strong-box, it becomes a case that rocks the British Empire to its core.

When the magician is blackmailed in order to best the box's lock, Holmes and his ally, Dr. John Watson, expose a plot against the crown, itself. Only Holmes's immense intellect, combined with the "Official" resources of his equally brilliant brother, Mycroft Holmes, can penetrate the mystery in time.

In the tradition of Nicholas Meyer's "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution," and "The West End Horror," author Lee A. Matthias recreates Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's magnificent style and characters in "The Pandora Plague," a rip roaring adventure full of magic, mystery, and murder.

A period feast, filled with luminaries of the era, bursting with the raucous energy of a time when the world was throwing off the romanticism of the Victorian Age for the power and dangerous potential of science, new philosophies, and the machine.

Sherlock Holmes is at his peak. The brash, young Houdini challenges all who stand in his way. And Watson, Holmes's chronicler and friend, returns us to a time when the gas was always lit, the Persian slipper always filled with shag, and the game was, once again, and at long last... afoot.

"...builds considerable suspense..."

" for both non-Sherlockian specialists and Holmesian devotees."

"Matthias describes Houdini's feats of magic, both on and off stage, most skillfully."

---"The Armchair Detective"

Sir John H. Watson, M.D., M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S. ---born, 1852; served with distinction at the Battle of Maiwand during the Second Afghan War; knighted for his medical service in France during the First World War; died, 1940.

Lee A. Matthias is married and the father of two daughters.

Third Edition, newly revised, expanded, and annotated.

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